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Sunday, November 26, 2017, 9:30AM - 2:00PM


New York City,
New York, New York City,


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We all know Manhattan is known for its flashy lights and it's never ending rush of people! What if the CCNY leaders decided to change your mind about that? Join the CCNY Outdoors Club for a day of hiking in Inwood Hill Park. Inwood Hill has scenic scenes, trees that are still living from the time the park was constructed, and plenty of trails that lead to a beautiful view of the Hudson River! For this hike, we will be doing a short, 2 mile trail that leads us through the Glacial Potholes and ends at The Inwood Hill Nature Center. This hike is for CCNY students, but everyone is welcome! We will meet at the 207th St. stop on the 1 train. We will then walk to Inwood park and begin our hike up the Blue Line Trail! The hike will begin with a overlook meadow, then we will loop around and pass through many different rock formations, including glacial potholes! The end of the Blue Line Trail will guide us through a natural spring and we will see The Shorakapok Rock. This rock is believed to be the point where the "selling" of Manhattan occurred between Peter Minuit and the Native Americans. Once we reach The Inwood Hill Nature Center, we will turn back around and hike down to exit the park. This hike will be lead at a moderate-slow pace. The Blue Line Trail is primarily used for walking and trail running because the path is pretty flat. For this hike you will need: AT LEAST 2 liters of water, a packed lunch, and a few snacks. Please wear synthetic clothing that dries quickly. A pair of hiking boots or hiking sneakers are recommended for this hike. In addition, bring a fleece sweater, a rain jacket, and a warm hat. Please do not wear cotton on this hike. Transportation: Take the 1 Train to 207th street. We will be departing at 9:30am and arriving at the park by foot, around 9:45am. For those who will be driving please be conscious about arriving a little earlier due to the high volume of cars in this area.

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Jasmine is an intern with the Appalachian Mountain Club NY-NoJ Chapter. She is also a student at CCNY and is looking forward to getting students outdoors this Fall!


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Ashley is an intern with the Appalachian Mountain Club NY-NoJ Chapter. She is currently a student at CCNY and the President of the Outdoors Club at her school. Her favorite outdoor activities are hiking and kayaking