Catskills Devil's Path Day Hike (3C25)

Date and Time

Saturday, June 9, 2018, 6:00AM - 6:00PM


Hunter, NY,
New York, Catskills,


Registration is required for this activity. Please contact leader.


Join Justin and I for a strenuous hike on the Devil's Path in the Catskills. This hike is one in a series of three "epic" and strenuous one-day hikes. To make this an engaging learning experience all participants will be asked to complete an exercise where you will "plan" this hike. Your ideas may or may not be included in the final hike plan but this exercise will create greater awareness and understanding of the terrain and possible contingency plans. In the lead-up to this event we will be talking about Expedition Behavior (EB) and in particular, personal management. A successful hike requires diligent preparation by everyone. This 24 plus mile route will include steep ascents and descents of around 9,000 feet elevation gain and 9,000 feet elevation loss and the footing can be very bad in places. Expect long hours on the trail. Everyone should be sufficiently equipped with electrolytes and to eat on the move. We will not be stopping to have lunch, nor to enjoy views, nor take photos. 2 liters water minimum with a resupply at the half way point. Bring snacks to sustain energy levels and personal medical supplies as well as an insulating layer (fleece/puffy), hat, gloves and anything else you will need to remain comfortable. While we will take every possible measure to be finished by dusk everyone must bring a headlamp. Pace and mileage will be adjusted in the event of inclement weather. Registration is limited for this event and is required. You may also be asked to participate in a qualifying hike so that I may be aquainted with your current ability. AMC members participating in this hike will be afforded priority listing in the other two hikes where the same level of commitment and preparation will be expected. So come out and make this an epic summer!

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