15 Mile Plymouth Wishbone Trail hike

Date and Time

Saturday, March 31, 2018, 7:45AM - 3:00PM


Ellisville Harbor State Park,
Massachusetts, Southeast,


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The Plymouth Wishbone Walking Trail was set up in 2007 by a local Boy Scout and runs from Myles Standish headquarters all the way to Ellisville Harbor State Park on Cape Cod Bay in Plymouth. It is approximately 15 miles in length. Most of the trail is in the State Forest or in other conservation property. The original layout had about a third of the hike along local dirt roads. We have now found ways to avoid the roads for the most part. The hike ends on the beach at Ellisville. This is a very long walk. Please do not come on this walk if you aren't regularly hiking at least seven miles plus fairly regularly already. People always want to know how long it will take-- I would estimate seven hours in total including the carpool, regular breaks and a stop for lunch. You need to wear good shoes, bring your lunch and lots of water. Sunscreen and tick protection are also recommended. We will meet at Ellisville Harbor State Park (off Route 3a in Plymouth north of Route 3 exit 2) and will carpool to Myles Standish State Forest headquarters Please drive to the inner parking lot for a nice view and so that you are not tempted to end your hike on Route 3a at the end of a long day.

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Driving Directions

Ellisville Harbor is off Route 3a in Plymouth, MA. It is 2 miles north of Route 3 Exit 2

Plymouth Wishbone Walking Trail



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Southeastern Massachusetts






Adults (18+)


John has been leading hikes in and around Myles Standish State Forest for nearly 10 years.