3D10 - High Point Hike to Catfish Fire Tower in the Delaware Water Gap

Date and Time

Sunday, January 22, 2017, 9:00AM - 6:00PM


Old Mine Road, Delaware Water Gap,
New Jersey, Central,


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This is an exciting hike with a wide variety of terrain. Beginning at the Copper mine trail head off old mine road, we ascend past two now defunct copper mines. We follow a stream/waterfall up a strenuous hill to Appalachian trail. From there, we will keep ascending past excellent views to a local high point, the Catfish Fire tower, where you can climb to the top and take pictures. (not for the faint of heart) After a small meal, we will had back through catfish swamp, past the AMC Mohican center and back to the car. After the hike we may attempt some food at the Sycamore Grill, American Fair and beer. 92 Main St Delaware Water Gap, PA 18327; or someplace closer to NYC There is a little bit of everything on this hike. Strenuous uphill. Water features, heights, and many different types of terrain. It is a long yet pleasurable affair. Please note we will move at a reasonably fast pace. No more than 16 people on this hike. Snow will cancel the hike as it will close Old Mine Road. This is a winter hike so layering is highly recommended. Bring a lunch, and plenty of water. Hiking shoes are also recommended. Common sense is required. The GPS location is 41°02'16.4"N 75°01'38.9"W Its a couple of miles down Old Mine Road. Public transportation is limited, however, individuals, including myself will give rides. Please inform me if you can give a ride, or need a ride when signing up for the hike. YOU MUST EMAIL ME to register for this hike: Please include whether or not you need a ride or can provide one.

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