Family Outings Kid Friendly Training with "Reptiles Rock" Show & North End Italian Dinner, Joy Street, Boston

Date and Time

Sunday, April 2, 2017, 1:30PM - 6:30PM


AMC 5 Joy Street Headquarters, Boston, MA,
Massachusetts, Boston Area,


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Kids and Adults welcome! Join us Sunday April 2 from 1:30 - 6:30 pm for this Fun Kid Friendly leader/participant training, a "not to be missed" Reptiles Rock Show, and North End Italian Celebratory Dinner at our Joy Street Headquarters in Boston. Nominal event "fee" of $10 per family unit. Great opportunity for a little learning and a lot of fun and to get to know other like minded families. The training is light and fun with options for families, kids, and adults and light refreshments available throughout. Learn kid friendly techniques on the trail and staying safe and all about family outings and volunteer opportunities. The Rainforest Team "Reptiles Rock" show is a favorite with kids and adults including a mini zoo with 10 - 14 animals (bugs, frogs, snakes, lizards, etc) and a fun, informative herpetologist presentation in full uniform of 4 larger animals from tropical or semi-tropical rain forests -- a large red or yellow foot tortoise from South America, a large monitor or tegu lizard, a 9 to 10 ft boa or python and of course the American Alligagtor. Everyone will have the opportunity to handle both the snake and the alligator after the program and volunteers come up to assist throughout the presentation. The dinner is North End Italian -- you cannot beat that! Registration link above or click You will receive a confirmation email with directions and details upon receipt of your $10 check (per family unit). Space limited. Registrations accepted in the order in which we receive your check. Please let us know also if you can help with registration, snack/break food, ordering and picking up North End Italian Dinner, set up and break down, help with kids while parents train, putting together take home grab bags for all, etc.? Please contact Jeanne Blauner, 978-202-5606 with questions and/or if you are able to help.

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Adult: $10 member
*$10 fee is per family unit and includes training, "Reptiles Rock" show, North End Italian Dinner, and parking in the Boston Common Garage..

Past participants say...

One in a million Rainforest Rockin Reptile Show "not to be missed" ... an experience you and your kids will never forget.

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Jeanne has led trips for 45+ years for summer camps, college outings, Sierra Club, and AMC. Currently Jeanne heads up AMC Boston Family Outings and loves getting families and kids outdoors. Jeanne also leads for AMC Adventure Travel, most recently returning from a two week trek in Switzerland.