Backcountry Navigation Workshop with Map, Compass, and GPS (mobile)

Date and Time

Saturday, May 13, 2017 - Sunday, May 14, 2017


Highland Center, Crawford notch, NH,
New Hampshire, White Mountains,


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This two-day intensive workshop will teach you how to confidently navigate on and off trail using a map, compass, and GPS / mobile device. The first day of classroom instruction covers how to read topographic maps, how to use a compass with a map, triangulation, and magnetic declination, and how to plan and follow bearings and hand-rails, including outdoor field exercises on how to apply these skills in practical situations. Classroom instruction will also include how to leverage both available online computer resources and apps for your mobile devices. Day two is an all-day backcountry (off-trail) hike where you'll practice using your navigation skills to climb a trailless mountain in the Crawford Notch Area. The instructors are committed to helping you learn how to navigate and will provide plenty of 1 on 1 instruction and coaching during the course. Participants should have current experience hiking in the White Mountains or comparable terrain and will be required to bring all of the gear on the course gear list, including safety glasses for off-trail eye protection and a mobile device (phone).

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Adult: $125 member / $140 non-member
*Cost for the weekend workshop is $125 members / $140 non-members, and includes lodging in the beautiful Highland Center in Crawford Notch, Saturday morning coffee service, Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast. (Lodging is in 4-person bunk rooms with shared bath.) The workshop fee is non-refundable unless we are able to fill your spot.

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Adults (18+)


Philip Werner is a four season hiking and backpacking leader with the AMC Boston Chapter and has taught many hiking, backpacking, and navigation courses. A full time author and hiker, he's also the founder and editor of the popular hiking and backpacking website,


Beth Zimmer is the Co-Chair for the AMC NH Chapter's Excursion (Hiking) Committee. She is a four-season hiker and bushwhacker, a volunteer trip leader and a volunteer instructor.