Exploratory Backpack: The Abandoned PA Turnpike and Tunnels (2C16)

Date and Time

Saturday, June 24, 2017 11:00AM - Sunday, June 25, 2017 11:00AM


Waterfall, PA,
Pennsylvania, Central,


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Join us for a backpack unlike any other! Did you know that there is a 13-mile stretch of abandoned turnpike in Pennsylvania? Parts of the movie The Road was filmed there, and it is a great piece of history as well. We will be strolling down a stretch of abandoned highway as well as traversing both of the abandoned tunnels- bring your headlamp! The Ray's Hill Tunnel is about a half mile long and the Sideling Hill Tunnel about 1.2 miles. This stretch of Turnpike is owned by the Southern Alleghenies Conservancy and managed by the Friends of the Pike2bike a coalition of non-profits. The tunnels themselves are structurally sound...just very dark and eerily long...longer than a mile or so out to seem... We will meet at 11AM at 3005 Pump Station Rd, Waterfall, PA 16689 (GPS; 40.048362, -78.094286) This is an exploratory hike. While many hours of research have brought this hike to fruition, neither Lisa nor Denis have done this before. Expect slight variations with mileage and the potential for sudden U-turns. Patience, friends. We are brave explorers! Day 1: 10 miles - We will park on the northeastern end of the turnpike. We will then carpool to the southwestern end Breezewood and park on the abandoned highway. We will hike east 1.5 miles to the Ray's Hill tunnel and go through (!!) it (about 1/2 mile). Then we will continue on some side trails south to the Sideling Hill Firetower and Recreation Area. There is also a spring where we can fill up water. Afterward, we will swing north to camp for the evening in in Buchanan State Forest. Day 2: we will pack up early and hike back to the Abandoned Highway and travel on it about 2 miles to the east. We will go through the Sideling Hill tunnel (1.2 miles) and hike the remaining mile to where we parked our cars. Limited to 12 people. Please send me your gear list if neither of us have backpacked with you before.

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