Canoe&Kayak Summer Vacation on the Ottawa River, (Class III+)

Date and Time

Saturday, August 12, 2017 - Friday, August 18, 2017


Ottawa River, Ontario, Canada (Foresters Falls),


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The Ottawa River is 8-9 hours from NYC and well known for its fabulous play-spots, especially at summer water levels! We will be staying at Wilderness Tours (WT) ( where there is camping, cabins, facilities, food and booze. We recommend you stay at WT too if you want to focus on the paddling and playing without the hassle of day-to-day living, but other options are available if you want to camp in a more primitive setting and cook your own food (note that the nearby stores are pretty limited). To stay at WT you have to buy a Kayaker Package - that costs $49CAN (about $37) on a Fri/Sat and $39CAN (about $37) on Sun-Thurs (plus 13% Canadian Tax). That allows you to camp on site and it gives you breakfast, a bag lunch for the river and dinner. The food is plentiful (7am to 10am, and 6pm to 9pm), and they cater to veggies. There are also shared cabins on site for rent if you want more comfort (like O&D), but do book early. There is a bar, hot tubs, beach volleyball, store, etc. WT is also a good base for mountain biking, horse riding and other adventures (apparently). We plan to paddle the full week, most days on the Ottawa River (probably on the Main Channel, based on the usual summer water levels), with a one-day trip to the Class III-IV Gatineau River (~2 hours drive each way to Quebec). There may be trips to other local rivers, if there is interest. Come for a couple of days or come for the week. NOTE: This is a PLAY BOAT river and the trip is aimed at paddlers comfortable on Class III+ rivers Join this trip only if you love to play for hours on surf waves and squirrely whirlpool eddy-lines, and want a vacation chill out in eddies and hot tubs with paddling friends. This is not an instructional, though we will guide you down the river if you are new to it, but there is never any rushing in summer on the Ottawa River. If you are comfortable on the Dryway, Lower Yough or Savage, the Ottawa is waiting for you. We may head back to the US after paddling on Friday for the Dryway release on Saturday August 19 and Sunday August 20. Feel free to to convoy with us or stay an extra day or two in happy Canada - you should know the river by then! IMPORTANT: You will need a VALID Passport or Passport Card to enter Canada (and to come back to the US again). Please check that you have suitable medical insurance that covers you for North of the borders.

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