Portsmouth Little Harbor Level 2 Skills Trip

Date and Time

Saturday, June 24, 2017, 10:00AM - 3:00PM


Pierce Island Boat Launch, Portsmouth, NH,
New Hampshire, Seacoast,


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Portsmouth Little Harbor Level 2 Skills, June 24, 10 AM launch, Pierce Island Boat Launch off of Strawberry Bank on the Waterfront. This is an Advanced Novice/Intermediate Paddler skills development trip around Little Harbor, The Back Channel (Piscataquis River), The Inner Harbor Islands, Sagamore Creek. We'll head for Little Harbor via the Inner Islands and a reversing falls pond in front of the Historic Wentworth hotel. At the bridge guarding the harbor there will be enough current to learn how your kayak behaves in 2 to 3 Knots, learn to ferry across the current and to negotiate turns in and out of eddies. We'll take a lunch break on the sands at Odiorne Point or at Fort Stark. If the ocean state is stable we'll venture out into the swell briefly before we turn back up to tour Sagamore creek before returning to the put in. I've listed some Paddling Capability Levels below. If you fall between Advanced Novice and Intermediate Paddler you should enjoy this trip and possibly learn some new skills in the process since on the way to our destinations we'll also experiment with improving our paddling efficiency. So at a minimum you will need to have a kayak with flotation capable of using a spray skirt and have done a wet exit with a skirt on (or willing to wet exit with your skirt while on the trip under supervision). The total trip should end up in the 8 to 10 mile range. You do not have to be an AMC member to paddle with us but all participants will be required to sign the AMC waiver and we do encourage you to join. All Meetup registrations will be wait listed pending leader approval. Tides: High 11:57, 9.7 ft, Launch 10.0 7.8 ft, Low 5:54 0.5 ft Contact Leader for AMC trip registration and launch/itinerary information at OR register via NH AMC Paddlers Meetup Website at Here's my position on Paddling Capability Levels: Novice Sea Kayak Paddler = Rec boat paddler comfortable paddling lakes and estuaries Dist. <5 Mi. Advanced Novice Sea Kayak Paddler = Rec boat paddler comfortable paddling near shore with a spray skirt/wet exit Dist. < 8 mi Wind <10 kts Intermediate Paddler = 14 ft SK with bulkheads/wet exit, self/assisted rescue skill, Dist. <12 Mi. Wind <15 Kts Waves <3 comfortable <1 Mi. Offshore Advanced Intermediate = 15 ft SK with bulkheads, advanced self and assisted rescue skills, Dist. <15 Mi., Waves <4 Ft., Wind >15 kts comfortable < 2 Mi. Offshore

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Piscataquis at slack tide


Paddling - Sea Kayaking

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AMC Sea Kayak Leader, Licensed Maine Guide, ACA Instructor, WFR/WEMT