A/T Rangeley Section Backpack in Maine (Advanced)

Date and Time

Friday, October 13, 2017 - Monday, October 16, 2017


Rte. 4 A/T Crossing (Madrid, ME),
Maine, Inland,


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Section hiking the Appalachian Trail? Peak-bagging the New England 4,000-footers or hundred highest? Then this is the adventure for you. We will backpack on the A/T from Rte. 4 to Rte. 16/27 in Maine. The trip will be about 35 miles over the course of four days, with three nights spent on the trail. If all goes according to plan, we will hit six Maine 4,000-footers including the elusive Mt. Redington via the bushwhack/herd path. This is a slow-paced hike because we will be carrying full packs and because the A/T terrain in Maine is rough and steep, but we will still hike between 6 and 11 miles each day, so they will be long days with early starts. This trip is for advanced backpackers only - no beginners. The first day's hike is 8 miles and we will have to spot cars at both trailheads before hiking, so Friday will be a full day. If you are unable to take Friday off from work then this trip won't be possible for you. We will find a place nearby where we can stay on Thursday night to facilitate an earlier start on Friday. $30 lodging for Thursday night but staying there is optional. We may also need to pay for a shuttle service if we don't have enough cars to do a car spot. For this trip you will need to bring the usual day hike gear ( as well as gear for a 3-night backpacking trip ( You will be responsible for your own meals (breakfast Friday, four lunches and three dinners on the trail, trail snacks). We will share tents, stoves, and water filters to save on weight. Please indicate if you have any of these items.

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Bryan has been an AMC Leader since 2011, and has lead hiking and backpacking trips in all seasons. He has also lead non-AMC backpack adventures with friends in Mt. Rainier and Zion National Parks.


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Kellie is a 4-season leader with a preference for the winter season! She extensive experience in the Whites and Adirondacks, and is picking away at her 48's and 46'r lists, but seems to spend too much time repeating the "fun" ones! She also participates in H/B Leadership Training and enjoys teaching others about the joys of hiking and sleeping outside, especially in the snow! Her 2017 adventures include finishing her NH 48 on Owl's Head, Ice Climbing in Ourary, CO, and Mount Rainier in August!


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