Couch to 4K Hiking Program

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Wednesday, September 6, 2017 - Monday, October 9, 2017


Massachusetts, Berkshires,


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Couch to 4K is a series of hikes intended to introduce participants to the basic skills and knowledge required for safe and fun outdoor experiences. Hikes are organized into five levels of difficulty, starting with local walks with little elevation gain and culminating in treks up the four-thousand-footers of New Hampshire. Couch to 4K trip leaders will highlight important skills for safe hiking such navigation, hydration, nutrition, and proper attire. Most Couch to 4K events are on the weekends, but look out for weekday night "Hiking Boot Camps," where leaders will introduce hikers to exercises to build strength and prevent injury. Sign up for as many (or as few) hikes as you would like, building from Level 1 hikes all the way to Level 5, or as far along as you would like to go. Be sure to review trip descriptions to see which hikes are right for you. Here's a rough guide to how the Couch to 4K hikes are leveled: Level 1 hikes include little to no elevation gain, and move at a moderate pace. These hikes are great opportunities to get to know your leaders and fellow participants, and to review some basic skills for hiking. Level 2 hikes are on the shorter side, under 5 miles, and include some elevation gain and, in some cases, some rock scrambling or ledges. At this level and above all participants are expected to have appropriate footwear, clothing, water, and other essential gear. Level 3 hikes are on the longer side, over 5 miles, and include some elevation gain with rock scrambling and ledges. Level 4 hikes are 4Ks! These hikes include some of the shorter 4Ks with lower elevation gain. Expect rock scrambling, ledges, and stream crossings. Level 5 hikes are tougher 4Ks, with more distance and elevation gain that a level 4 hike. Expect rock scrambling, ledges, and stream crossings. The intended audience of the Couch to 4K program is young members (YM - hikers in their 20s and 30s), but all are welcome. If you don't have a car and are worried about how you'll be able to reach the mountains, we have some options for you! Once you're approved for a trip you'll have access to the roster, where you'll be able to find contact information for other people who are driving from your area.

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Rachael loves hiking, and introducing people to the sport. She has been an active AMC volunteer for two years, and has been leading trips with the AMC since 2017.


Stephen loves the outdoors, particularly in winter. He started hiking and backpacking as a teen and has not stopped since. He has hiked the NH 4000 footers several times in all seasons, and thru-hiked the AT in 2016. Stephen has led trips for the AMC for many years. He prefers backpacks (multi-day when his schedule allows), and hikes at a relaxed pace.


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