FCG Westport - "Brazil - Natural Wonderland"

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Tuesday, January 9, 2018


Connecticut, West of River,


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Frank Keen and his wife Sally spend half of each year traveling the world, largely in search of the best places to view and photograph wildlife. They recently came back from South America raving about the Pantanal and are anxious to share some amazing photographs of the animals and landscapes of this natural paradise. In his presentation Frank will also include photos and comments from trips to the incomparable Rio de Janeiro and two more of Brazil's greatest natural wonders; Iguacu Falls and Fernando de Naronha island. The Pantanal is to South America what the Serrengeti is to Africa. It's the world's largest wetland and the Western Hemisphere's greatest gathering of wildlife. It's the only place in the world where you are almost guaranteed to see the elusive jaguar, the cat with the most powerful bite in nature. In fact, in just two days they were able to spot 14 jaguars. It's also the best location for seeing the largest rodent (the capybara), the largest parrot (the hyacinth macaw), the continent's heaviest mammal (the tapir), the world's biggest snake (the anaconda), and the world's largest gathering of crocodiles (the yacare caiman). Many people consider Iguacu Falls the most impressive in the world, containing 275 separate falls in a beautiful, lush rainforest setting. Fernando de Naronha is a tropical island 1000 km from the coast of Brazil. It has pristine beaches and endangered wildlife both above and below the water. Few people have heard of this remote paradise and even fewer have visited it. The city of Rio de Janeiro is known for its spectacular setting between the mountains and the sea. Frank will show us its famous tourist sites, including photos he took while hang gliding off the cliffs rising behind the city. Doors open, drinks and appetizers from 6:30pm; presentation from 7.30pm to 8.30pm. $10 members, $15 nonmembers. Please bring a dessert to share if you can. Saugatuck Congregational Church, 245 Post Road, Westport CT 06880 ( No reservations. Pay at door. Details, directions at

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