White Mountain 4-Week Leadership Spike Teen Trail Crew (Ages 17-19)

Date and Time

Sunday, June 24, 2018 4:00PM - Friday, July 20, 2018 6:00PM


Camp Dodge,
New Hampshire, White Mountains,


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This four-week program is for 17-19 year-olds interested in pursuing leadership education and doing trail work. This course includes a Leave No Trace Trainer certification as well as a Wilderness First Aid certification. Trail projects may include brushing, drainage cleaning, rockwork, bog bridging, and new trail construction. A significant portion of this program focuses on backcountry skills and ethics, conservation education, and recreation management. Participants will also receive a copy of AMC's The Complete Guide to Trail Building and Maintenance upon course completion. Participants arrive at 4pm Sunday at our Camp Dodge Volunteer Center facility where they will spend the night and begin their four-week program. In the next few weeks, participants complete a variety of trail maintenance projects and trainings in backcountry living and ethics. Please remember that the trail crew work will be strenuous and demanding, and that we will be out rain or shine. During the week, for each of the three of the four weeks, the group will be packing out all food supplies, tools, camping equipment, and personal belongings into the woods with their crew leaders, learning new skills while working on trails at remote sites. The crew will spend one week at Camp Dodge and other various locations throughout the White Mountains learning more advanced trail skills and engaging in new opportunities. During the weekends with the program, participants will take a SOLO Wilderness First Aid course and a Leave No Trace trainer course. On one of the weekends, the group will learn about conservation and sustainability, as well as help with our large garden at Camp Dodge, and also take some recreation and relaxation time. As the weeks progress, the volunteers will gain more responsibility for the group and each will be offered a leadership role in running the crew during their last week. When the crew packs out on their fourth Friday of the program, they will have the opportunity to join the Trails Staff in our Friday Program Meeting to discuss, as leaders, their project work. After each week on the trails, the crew returns to Camp Dodge for the Friday night barbecue. Complete registration packet is due 3 weeks prior to start date.

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Youth: $2,400 member / $2,640 non-member
*All meals, lodging, leadership and supervision, tools & safety equipment, Wilderness First Aid & CPR, and a Leave no Trace Trainer course.

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