1910: Fiji-Tonga: Beaches, Reefs & Whales

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Monday, August 19, 2019 - Sunday, September 1, 2019




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This trip has a WOW factor not to be missed - read on! First, an adventurous journey through Fiji's remote and unspoiled Kadavu Island, home to one of the world's largest barrier reefs, the Great Astrolobe Reef, with relaxed-moderate level sea kayaking and snorkeling days, as well as hikes through lush rainforests, brilliant birdwaching, and sunset walks along uninhabited beaches. We then travel to the country of Tonga to find native whales in their South Pacific migratory waters. And now the WOW, a thrilling, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to swim with the whales. The whales are gentle and very aware of us in the water, dropping their fins or turning to avoid us as they swim by. The calves are frisky and curious and love being around humans. We enter the water, under the supervision of a trained, professional guide, and swim within 10-30 meters of these magnificent animals. (Those not wishing to enter the water will still have a brilliant viewing of the whale pod). Throughout our days, we intersperse short hikes, cultural explorations, wild-food gathering, and relaxing into our island adventure, along with visits to local villages to learn about their daily lives and share meals of locally sourced foods, paddle an out-rigger canoe paddle, and experience traditional ceremonial singing and dancing. This is a rich immersion trip; but it is the whales that will linger in your memory long after you return home. Applications must be received by 12/1/2018.

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Adult: $5,975 member / $5,975 non-member
*Includes double occupancy rooms with en-suite bathrooms at eco-lodges, some meals, all equipment rental, local guides, one whale swimming excursion. (There may be additional opportunities to swim with the whales. Additional charges will apply.)

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Janis has been an AMC-AT leader/co-leader since 2008 and a world traveler and outdoor enthusiast throughout her adult life. She has led and co-led hiking and biking trips to Sicily, Spain, France, Italy, Finland, Norway, South America (Machu Picchu and Easter Island) and New Zealand. Janis teaches group exercise classes and works as a volunteer with pain and distressed patients at a local hospital as a student of Healing Touch therapy. Janis loves music, photography and baseball.


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Jeanne has been leading outdoor adventures for over 40 years for AMC and Sierra Club among other groups. Jeanne is a backcountry leader with the AMC Boston Family Outings leading hiking, camping, and winter trips. Jeanne is the current Chair of AMC Boston Family Outings and former Boston Chapter Membership Chair. She joined AMC Adventure Travel in 2014 and has led two AT trips to the Jungfrau region in Switzerland and Machu Picchu.