Maine Woods BC Ski Touring Adventure

Date and Time

Wednesday, February 20, 2019 12:00PM - Sunday, February 24, 2019 2:00PM


West Branch Pond Camps, Township A, Range 12, Greenville, ME,
Maine, Inland,


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Discover the remote Maine woods on true ski adventure. We'll be based at West Branch Pond Camps within the AMC's 70,000 acre reserve east of Greenville, Maine. We will BC ski on unbroken trails, winding up the White Cap Mtn ridge and through hills and woods on a trails ranging from wide roads and open ponds to narrow trails and some bushwacking. The terrain will vary from well graded dirt roads to some steeper stuff. Some of the trails will be unbroken and we will cut the tracks, but some will be packed out and some trails near the camp may be tracked. The BC tours will be 10-12 miles and 2000'-2500' feet of rise and wind up mountain ridges and through some thick woods. Expect some climbing and descending but advanced downhill or tele turns are not required. Climbing skins are not absolutely required, but if you have them bring them as they could be a great aid, depending on the on site conditions. Participants should be comfortable climbing and descending on varied terrain and conditions. The best ski will be a metal edged, double camber touring ski with a profile of about 67-57-62 and bring a pair also 10-20 cm wider in each dimension if the snow is deep like it was in 2015. Our cozy cabins in West Branch Pond Camps are rustic, but come with all the basic amenities; they are heated with wood stoves, there are toilets and a shower in the bath house and our hearty meals will be cooked by the camp owner, Eric Stirling and his staff and taken in the kitchen of the dining hall. Our large cabin has a nice sitting room for our socializing after a nice day skiing in the woods. Electric service typically is on from 5 - 9 pm daily. Each night, you'll find ambience, great company and hearty replenishment after a great day in the woods! The trip officially starts on Wednesday, February 20, 2019 at noon sharp when we meet at the cafe in Northwoods Outfitters, 5 Lily Bay Rd in Greenville, Maine, 04441. After meeting up and purchasing any last supplies we will drive together the approx 30 miles to WBPC together; the last 20 miles are on a dirt road which is usually pretty well plowed out. We will then have a few hours of "shakedown ski", followed by full days of skiing on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. On Sunday, February 24th, after about a 2/3 day of skiing we will head back to Boston at about 2 pm. Greenville is about 5 hours from Boston. Of course, you can extend the trip by booking directly with West Branch Pond Camps.

AMC Trip Policy


Adult: $720 member / $770 non-member
Youth: $720 member / $770 non-member
Child: $720 member / $770 non-member
*4 nights lodging at WBPC 2/20-24, Meals from dinner 2/20 to lunch on 2/24, ski guiding on remote trails, ski waxing tips and off-the grid relaxation and ambience.

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Driving Directions

For driving directions, we meet at Northwoods Outfitters, 5 Lily Pond Rd, Greenville, Maine on 2/20 at 1200. We will convoy together to the remote WBPC from there. Contact the leader for further guidance. .

Trail and sunset on West Branch Pond


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Mike Barry is a reformed alpine skier who leads multi day XC Ski tours in Maine, Quebec, Norway and the Whites with the Boston Chapter & Adventure Travel Committees. His favorite places to ski are Norway for BC touring (though Maine is close!) and downhill in the French Alps (now on Telemark skis). Mike has been involved in the Club as a Boston Chapter Chair, Club Board of Directors and is currently on the Adventure Travel Committee, and is an active chapter bike and ski leader.