Bike Old Croton Aqueduct - Croton to Yonkers

Date and Time

Saturday, October 19, 2019, 9:15AM - 5:00PM


Westchester County,
New York, Hudson River Valley,


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Must RSVP. Hybrid or Mountain Bike. Helmet and gloves are required. Bring adequate drinks, though we stop to buy lunch. Terrain: Rolling, flat, and minor hills. Enjoy an all-day, leisurely, Halloween, one-way ride through Washington Irving's Sleepy Hollow including the historic Old Dutch Church. From the Croton Point Park, bicycle the dirt path of the OCA with many stops including Sing Sing, Octagon House, OCA Visitor Center, Lyndhurst, and the many weirs and conical ventilators. We set the tone and pace with a meditative labyrinth walk. Coursing through the middle of Westchester, the route is sometimes tricky to find, hence a guided tour. Early out options. The trail itself is mostly flat but there are some moderate climbs where we get on and off the trail at the fragmented points, and on the way to and back from our lunch stop in Tarrytown, NY. We take the Metro-North train back to Croton-Harmon from Yonkers ($5 bike pass (re-usable forever if you buy at Grand Central) + $5 fare). Must have wider tires, no road bikes. Note: Ride will not go in rain or wet roads. Map of route available at: Friends of Old Croton Aqueduct: For more details and meet time, contact L.

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"I loved coursing through a cultural day of off-road biking." "I cursed through an endless day of endless stops."

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Old Croton Aqueduct

Driving Directions

Croton-Harmon Train Station. Directions to Croton-Harmon Metro-North Station parking lot (1 Croton Point Avenue): 30 minutes from Tappan Zee Bridge I87 S. (heading into Westchester): Take exit 8A (Saw Mill Pkwy N./Rt. 119/Elmsford). Then merge onto Saw Mill Pkwy N. via left exit toward Katonah. Take Saw Mill Pkwy N. to exit 25 (toward 100/Hawthorne), then left onto 9A/Saw Mill River Rd. Take 9A N. for 9 miles. Take Croton Point Ave. ramp toward Croton-Harmon Station. Left onto Croton Point Ave., next left onto Veterans Plaza, then right into Croton-Harmon Metro-North Station parking lot (1 Croton Point Avenue). Map of route available at: Friends of Old Croton Aqueduct:

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Adults (18+)


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