Sunday Afternoon Saco or Pemi or Winni

Date and Time

Sunday, March 31, 2019


Conway, NH,
New Hampshire, White Mountains,


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What better way to say goodbye to March! Ski your legs to jelly on Sunday morning, paddle some easy Class II whitewater on Sunday afternoon before heading home! You will look so rad with both skis (or snowboard) and a WW boat on your car! If weather and water levels permit, we'll run one of three possible short Class IIs: • The Saco Rips in Conway from West Side Road to the Police Station, which alternates quickwater with some fun, low-consequence Class II. or • The Pemi at Bristol, another short but slightly more intense Class II run or • The Upper Winni which progresses from quickwater at the start through Class I to easy Class II Paddlers will need a whitewater-capable boat with flotation, and must have a wet or drysuit for cold-water safely. All paddlers must wear a helmet and PFD at all times while on the water Send me an email if you are interested; I'll be skiing somewhere that morning (not an official AMC trip; where will depend on conditions) and you'd be welcome to join me. We will make a final go/no go decision and set a time and place to meet on Saturday evening.

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The AMC was there for me when I wanted to learn how to paddle a kayak on whitewater. Now I'm leading trips to give others the same opportunity.