Magalloway Class III plus Androscoggin Class II

Date and Time

Saturday, August 31, 2019 - Sunday, September 1, 2019


below Azizcohos Dam in Errol, Maine,
New Hampshire, North Country,


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There is a low water release (900cfs) scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, August 31 and September 1. The plan is to warm up on the Errol Rapids on Saturday morning, run the Magalloway on Saturday and again on Sunday, On Monday before heading home, we'll run Errol Rapid and the Pontook section of the Androscoggin (or some other river if water levels allow). We will run the Magalloway ONLY if we have enough experienced Class III paddlers for safety. We always have the option of paddling Class II on the Androscoggin instead. Class III experience is a must for this trip and you must have previously paddled Class II or III with one of the trip leaders to be included. The river is narrow, fast, pushy with lots rocks, and very few forgiving eddies. It's also very shallow; even a "bombproof" combat roll may not save you from a swim. Self rescues are challenging and assisted rescues can be problematic. The run starts with a bang, plunging quickly over an intimidating ledge drop at the start of an intense Class III rapid. If you choose to run this section, we will set safety with throw ropes on either side of the first big pool and position a safety boat. A great option for paddlers attempting the Magalloway for the first time is to carry around this first Class III and start at the "Old Person's Put In" where you get a Class II, II+ warm up before a final short Class III drop where paddlers must run a tight line to avoid being pushed into a hole on river right. After that, the river quickly settles back to Class II and I to the take-out. The entire run is short, so we will plan on doing at least two runs, one before lunch, one after. First timers who start at the OPPI on the first run and have no problems, often do the upper Class III section on the second run. Paddlers will need a whitewater-capable canoe or kayak with flotation (mandatory) and the skills to maneuver confidently in continuous swift-flowing current around rocks, holes, and large waves. Kayaks must have a tight-fitting neoprene sprayskirt or your boat will swamp. All paddlers must wear a helmet and PFD at all times while on the water. As part of it's Labor Day Weekend on the Androscoggin, AMC NH will have a group campsite at Clear Stream Campground in Errol, NH for Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Cost is typically $10 per person per night.

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