Young Members (20s/30s) Chair

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Summary Description: The member who holds this volunteer position will coordinate activities that are geared for AMC members who are in their 20s and 30s within the Berkshire Chapter of Western Mass. The Young Members Chair is also part of a wider AMC Young Member network which organizes club-wide Young Member events and outings throughout the year. Responsibilities: •Organize and coordinate events and activities for AMC members in their 20s and 30s. Work with other active YM to keep these activities relevant and interesting-we want to keep what we do fun and engaging! •Network-the more, the merrier! Be an advocate for the group and encourage other people you meet to get involved. Advertise YM events online and to communities throughout Western Mass. •Encourage YM to lead trips and make sure there is a diverse offering of activities, including "low-barrier" events that are likely to get more new members involved. •Work with the Education Chair to make sure there are leadership trainings accessible to Young Members-1-day, local leadership training options? •Recruit a committee of enthusiastic Young Members that will help the YM Chair with coordinating and will help keep the energy behind YM activities going. •Attend Executive Committee Meetings. •Attend functions held by the chapter, and assist when you can. •Maintain the budget allocated for Young Members. Preferred Qualifications/Skills: •Be friendly, welcoming, and capable of working with a diverse group of individuals. •Be organized and a good communicator. Being YM Chair does not mean that you have to be the most intense hiker, rock climber, biker, etc. •Work with Susannah Hatch in the AMC Volunteer Relations Department-she is a resource for YM chairs! •Be an enthusiastic promoter of the Berkshire Chapter and the Appalachian Mountain Club! What is most important is that the Young Members Chair is passionate and willing to give as much as they can to further the Young Members community at the AMC.

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