White Mountain NH Hut to Hut Backpacking [Young Members 20's & 30's]

Date and Time

Friday, August 9, 2019 5:00PM - Tuesday, August 13, 2019 1:00PM


Crawford Notch, NH,
New Hampshire, White Mountains,


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About the Trip The AMC High Huts in the White Mountains of New Hampshire are some of the jewels in the AMC's crown. Many Appalachian Trail thru hikers consider the White Mountains to be both the most beautiful and the most difficult section of the entire trail. The Huts offer an opportunity for "backpacking lite," allowing us to enjoy the spectacular scenery with a less strenuous itinerary and a lighter load. This trip is a 4-night, 5-day hut-to-hut traverse of the three huts located along the Presidential Range: Madison Spring, Lakes of the Clouds, and Mizpah Spring. We'll spend the first night at the Highland Center Lodge, then go southbound on the Appalachian Trail. We will also optionally summit all of the Presidential peaks along the way, including Mt Washington. Prerequisites Despite the relatively short distances between the huts and the lighter loads on our backs, these are still strenuous hikes. You must be in good physical condition, and you must have proper gear for alpine conditions. Mt Washington has some of the worst weather in the world, and winter conditions (even winter storms) are possible even in high summer. To help ensure everyone's safety, we will be screening everyone who applies for this trip. Important: The cost of this trip includes all breakfasts and dinners, you will be responsible for all of your lunches and snacks. An extensive pack list, meal planning tips, and detailed itinerary will be provided after registering. Please contact trip leaders with any questions. Itinerary Friday We stay at the Highland Center at Crawford Notch in 4-person bunkrooms. Saturday We'll take the AMC Hiker Shuttle departing the Highland Center at 9:00 AM to Valley Way trailhead and take one of several routes up to Madison Spring Hut. A quick soak for our tired feet in the cold stream which runs past the hut from Star Lake before watching the sunset with some after-dinner tea and coffee. 4.3 mi / 4050 ft Sunday We hike the AT to Lakes of the Clouds Hut, optionally summiting Mts Adams, Jefferson, Clay, and Mt Washington before descending to the Hut. If the weather is warm, swimming in the Upper Lake is permitted. Another spectacular sunset from the comfort of the Hut dining room. 7.3 mi / 3350 ft Monday We continue on the AT to Mizpah Spring Hut and finish the Presidential Range, optionally summiting Mts Monroe, Eisenhower, Pierce, and Jackson. 7.5 mi / 1600 ft Tuesday We descend from Mizpah Spring Hut to the Highland Center via the Mizpah Cutoff to the Crawford Path. You may drive home the same day or make separate arrangements to stay in Highland Center (or anywhere else) 2.6 mi / 1950(down)

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Adult: $473 member / $578 non-member
*Prices include all breakfasts, dinners, and shuttle to trailhead. The shuttle is not exclusively reserved for our group and must be booked separately. IMPORTANT: Once your registration is confirmed you'll receive instructions to use the group discount code through AMC reservations. Your spot is NOT guaranteed until your registration is paid, all spots are first come first serve and we will continue to accept registrations until all spots have been paid.

Past participants say...

Unfortunately, cost may be prohibitive for some folks. The huts are very expensive for the AMC to operate, and their rates reflect that. However, we did negotiate a group discount in addition to the AMC member discount. If you are not an AMC member: membership costs $50 ($25 if under 30), and you'll immediately save $105 when booking this trip!

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Please follow the provided link to the Highland Center on Google Maps: There's a possibility to arrive using public transportation from NYC but it is a long and difficult trip. Instead we'll do our best to arrange carpooling from NYC. If you are willing to offer a ride, or need one please follow the carpool link:




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Ana is an avid outdoorswomen with a passion for backpacking and cycling in the US and around the world. She's a Young Member (20's and 30's) leader who has been leading trips for the AMC for several years along with instructing backpacking workshops.