Open Water Wet Exit and Rescue Training

Date and Time

Saturday, April 27, 2019, 11:00AM - 3:00PM


Lake Potanapo, Brookline, NH,
New Hampshire, Merrimack Valley,


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Open Water Wet Exit and Rescue Training Start off the spring paddling season with a self and assisted rescue training/practice session. If you have never done a wet exit wearing your spray skirt this is also an ideal time to get that experience under your belt before sea kayaking gets into full swing. We will be practicing on a local Southern New Hampshire fresh water lake. If the air temperature is below 50 degrees or the wind above 10 MPH we will move the date from Saturday the 27th to Sunday the 28th. Since the water temperature is usually still very cold in mid April wet or dry suits will be required for participation. A shorty wet suit with another warm clothing layer is also acceptable. Additionally you will need to provide your own, rented or borrowed kayak (The AMC does rent kayaks but not wet suits) along with a spray skirt and paddle. Bring along a dry bag with some dry clothing in the event that you become chilled. Optionally a thermos with warm liquid and some energy snacks. If your kayak is less than 14 feet you may have some difficulty assisting a paddler in a longer sea kayak. We will discuss how to address that type of situation in addition to a discussion on towing. We'll be learning/practicing assisted T rescues, scoop rescue, paddle float reentry, bow recovery and paddle float re-enter and roll self rescue. If you have a roll this will also be a great place to practice or bomb proof it. This is the first of the open water development outings for Level 2 lake and ocean sea kayakers. Here's what I'll be covering in the coming sessions: NH AMC Paddlers L2 Sea Kayak Development Sessions. These sessions consist of a series of developmental day and weekend trips that will provide level 2 flat water and novice sea kayakers with the skills necessary to become proficient ocean paddlers. The program begins with a wet exit and rescue pool session in March and culminates with a weekend overnight paddling trip on the Maine Island Trail in August. The tentative dates and agenda looks like this: 3/30/19 - Nashua SK Pool Session 4/27/19 - Open Water Wet Exit and Rescue Training - Lake Potanapo 5/18/19 - L2 Development Trip Tides and Current - Little Harbor, Portsmouth 6/15/19 - L2 Development Trip Wind and Waves - Little Harbor, Portsmouth 7/ /19 - L2 Development Sea Kayak Compass and GPS Navigation - Fort Foster, Kittery, ME 8/ /19 - L2+ Development Sea Kayak Weekend Camping Trip - Maine Island Trail, Casco Bay

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Casco Bay, Maine


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Adults (18+)


Maine Sea Kayak Guide, ACA Instructor, BC 3 Star Leader, Wilderness EMT