Otter Brook Release Class 3

Date and Time

Saturday, May 4, 2019


Otter Brook,,
New Hampshire, Monadnock Region,


Registration is required for this activity. Please contact registrar below.


The Army Corps of Engineers has scheduled releases for Lower Otter Brook on Saturday May 4 and Sunday May 5. The New England Canoe and Kayak Racing Association (NECKRA) has a race scheduled for 11 am on Sunday May 5. This is a 3-mile run of continuous Class 3 and 2 (the racecourse is 8 miles). See the links below for descriptions by NECKRA and American Whitewater. This run is narrow and fast with a 2-foot ledge drop in one rapid. Wood is always a potential hazard. Registration is required for this trip. For your safety and the safety of the group, if you have not previously paddled Class 2 or 3 with one of the trip leaders (or someone we know and can talk to), expect to answer a lot of questions to be included. You can "audition" on any earlier NH AMC Class 2 paddle (see link below.) Just tell the trip leader you intend to paddle Class 3 and would like them to evaluate your capability. Successfully paddling Otter Brook will open an invitation to paddle with NH AMC on the Lower Winni, Magalloway, Upper West, and other Class 3 rivers later in the season. A wetsuit or drysuit will make this trip more comfortable. The water's likely to be cold. Paddlers will need a whitewater-capable canoe or kayak with flotation (mandatory) and the skills to maneuver confidently in continuous, swift-flowing current around rocks, ledges, holes, large waves and strainers. Kayaks and C-1s must have a tight-fitting neoprene sprayskirt or your boat will swamp. All paddlers must wear a helmet and PFD at all times while on the water. Note: a dry spring could cancel either or both of these release days.

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