Casco Bay - Sea Kayak Camping Trip

Date and Time

Saturday, September 28, 2019 - Sunday, September 29, 2019


Winslow Park, Freeport, ME,
Maine, Southern and Mid-Coast,


Registration is not required for this activity. However, you may wish to contact the leader(s) if you have any questions.


NH AMC Registration is required for this activity. Please contact leader: JERRY SMITH at Overview The goal is to paddle from Winslow Park Campground in Freeport, ME to Jewel Island in Casco Bay on Saturday, set up camp, have dinner, light a campfire, sleep in a tent overnight and return to Freeport Sunday morning. However, in the event of not so great weather we have a contingency plan to insure a safe island departure on Sunday. If the weather on Saturday looks favorable for the entire weekend we will depart for Jewel Island as planned. If the weather on Saturday is favorable or marginal and the forecast for Sunday is marginal we will depart for a much closer destination, preferably Little Chebeague Island. Both island destinations have at least one PIT Toilet. No wag bags required but have one on board just in case of pit stops along the way. Although this trip includes open ocean travel experienced intermediate paddlers should easily be capable of completing the voyage from the put in Freeport, ME. We will minimize the open ocean crossings by hopping from island to island on the way. We will also minimize the exposure to the southwest winds and waves by using the protection of the many islands lee side and paddling fairly close to shore for the majority of the trip. To attend you must have the following minimum paddling equipment: Immersion gear (the water is colder in Maine) we will all need to have on our bodies or in our boats depending on the air/water temps either a Wet Suit (Farmer John/Jane) and Dry Top or Dry Suit. 15 Foot Boats with bulkheads and perimeter lines suitable for use with spray skirts (required). PFD's must be worn while on or in the water. Minimum camping gear (a complete list will be provided) : 1 or 2 person tent, sleeping bag and pad, eating utensils, cooking pot/pan and stove (size will depend on your available storage space) (Stoves can be borrowed), minimum three liters of water/per day per person. (No potable water sources available on these islands. Sun screen and bug repellent should be on your gear list. There is a parking and launch fee at Winslow Park which has a very secure overnight parking lot.

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Kayak camping on Little Chebeague Island, ME


Paddling - Sea Kayaking

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New Hampshire




Adults (18+)


Registered Maine Guide, Experienced Sea Kayak Instructor with advanced first aid certifications.