CT AMC Whitewater BRISTOL, CT Pool Rolling sessions 2020

Date and Time

Saturday, February 29, 2020, 6:00PM - 8:00PM


Dennis Malone Aquatics center. 325 Mix St Bristol, CT 06010,
Connecticut, West of River,


Registration is required for this activity. Please contact leader.


CHANGE OF TIME, DATE AND LOCATION THIS YEAR!!! Dates: SATURDAY evenings Jan 4, 11, 18, 25. Feb 1, 8, 15, 22, 29. Time: 6 - 8 pm. (Warning these dates are subject to change! You should visit our website and register for our email list and join our Facebook page to be sure to hear of any schedule or weather-related cancelations. You can also text Leader if uncertain. Cost: $15.00 per person for AMC members $20.00 per person non AMC members $5.00 Boat and equipment rental If needed for sessions These sessions are for anyone who is looking to learn the basics of Whitewater kayaking, Learn the Eskimo roll, or just wants to keep the rust off their paddling skills! There will be volunteer instructors at every session. Instruction is generally one on one, in a very casual and friendly atmosphere. Limited amounts of paddling gear will be available on a first come first serve basis. Pool facility has a large, clean heated pool with shower and locker room facilities. A per session fee will be collected to cover pool rental. Everybody is welcome! To sign up, please call by the night before if possible. Please note! ALL boats brought to sessions MUST be thoroughly cleaned INSIDE AND OUT previous to sessions, or the boats will not be allowed in pools. ALL BOATS WILL BE INSPECTED AND IF NOT, CLEAN IT WILL NOT BE ALLOWED IN. Club boats will be available to loan for the session. ALGAE CONTAMINATION OF KAYAKS IS BECOMING A SERIOUS ISSUE AT POOL SESSIONS. ALGAE CONTAMINATION CAN REQUIRE COMPLETE EMPTYING OF A POOL TO DISINFECT! NEEDLESS TO SAY, THIS CAN END A POOL SESSION SERIES PERMANENTLY. SO PLEASE DO YOUR PART TO KEEP US CLEAN! BELOW IS A RECOMMENDED GUIDE FOR CLEANING YOUR BOAT BEFORE GOING TO ANY POOL SESSION. 1.Remove all airbags, removable outfitting (hip block wedges etc.) Strip the boat as well as practical. 2.If outside water is available, hose off exterior and interior. 3.Spray a generous amount of "Simple Green" inside and out. (A natural, non-toxic product and excellent algaecide) Let sit a bit, Scrub where you can, then hose out thoroughly. (Bleach is an alternative but be careful not to use in strong concentration, as is will damage some outfitting and irritate skin.) 4.If you cannot clean your boat outside, its recommended that you simply spray the simple Green liberally in boat, add a couple gallons of water to boat. Slosh around the best you can and drain outside. 5.IF YOU TAKE YOUR BOAT ON THE RIVER BETWEEN SESSIONS YOU SHOULD REPEAT THIS PROCESS. 6.You may want to consider having a dedicated pool boat.

AMC Trip Policy


Adult: $15 member / $20 non-member
Youth: $15 member / $20 non-member
Child: $15 member / $20 non-member
*Pool rentsl fee. additional $5.00 fee for gear rental

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Instruction (Skills)
Paddling - Whitewater

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Adults (18+)


(best time to call: NCA-9 pm)