2020 NH AMC Pool Sessions - Session:4 (contact leader before registering)

Date and Time

Saturday, February 22, 2020, 6:00PM - 7:30PM


Nashua Boys and Girls Club,
New Hampshire, Merrimack Valley,


Registration is required for this activity.


The Nashua B&G Club pool will be open for sea kayak practice and training for up to 10 boats per session. The majority of the pool will be open for individual practice. The remainder of the pool will be dedicated to instructed training. The fee for either practice or training sessions is $25. Contact the leader before registering. You can pay on line or ask the leader about other methods. Some rentals may be available at an extra fee. (All boats must be clean and free of debris - if you leave your boat stored outdoors you should probably consider a clean rental). Reservations and payment: First come first served. There will be five 1 ½ hour Saturday Sessions from 6:00 to 7:30 PM: Session No. 1. Saturday January 11th Session No. 2. Saturday January 25th Session No. 3. Saturday February 8th Session No. 4. Saturday February 22nd Session No. 5. Saturday March 7th Come to one or come to all five! Open Practice: All participants wanting to perfect their sea kayak safety, handling and rolling skills will have the use of most of the B&G Club pool. Open practice participants must be proficient in performing a wet exit wearing a spray skirt or will be required to participate in the wet exit training portion of the scheduled NH AMC Sea Kayak Training Program. Open training participants are required to provide their own equipment. PFD's must be worn by everyone practicing while on the water. Swimming will only be allowed wearing a PFD for rescue practice. Training: All participants in will be trained in how to perform a wet exit from a sea kayak wearing a spray skirt. Following the kayak wet exit session participants will be trained in basic Assisted Kayak Rescue techniques. Following the assisted rescue training we will devote time remaining to self rescue skills using a paddle float and hand pump. For this training to be successful all participants will need to provide the following equipment either your own, rented or borrowed: * Sea kayak with bulkheads and a cockpit opening suitable for a spray skirt. * Paddle * PFD * Spray skirt * Paddle Float * Hand Pump If your serious about sea kayaking and especially if you paddle alone, you will want to purchase your own Paddle Float and Hand Pump. link above

AMC Trip Policy


Adult: $25 member / $25 non-member
*Single Pool Session. - No Refunds / non-transferable). NOTE: Rentals will require separate "Session Rental" registration.

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Pool Session Training


Paddling - Sea Kayaking

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New Hampshire




Adults (18+)


Registered Maine Sea Kayak Guide, WFR/WEMT