Skylight/Gray/Redfield 3 night sled/backpack in the Adirondacks

Date and Time

Friday, March 6, 2020 9:00AM - Monday, March 9, 2020 2:00PM


Upper Works NY,
New York, Adirondacks,


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This is a three night backpack to climb Skylight (#4 at 4,924') and if there is time to climb Gray (#7 at 4,840'). On our second climbing day we will climb Redfield (#15 at 4,606'). Skylight is the only one with an official trail to the summit. Our approach will be from Upper Works with camping 4.7 miles from our cars at Flowed Lands to set up a base camp from which we will day hike to the peaks. Total mileage for trip is 28. Our focus on this trip is more about teaching safe wilderness winter camping and hiking skills than bagging the summit. We may have to melt snow for water. We have had winter trips where we spent all 4 days breaking trail in beautiful surroundings but never got close to a summit. Leaders pace will be slow but steady to keep warm but not overheat. There is significant elevation gain and the liklihood we will need to break out some of the trail with our snowshoes. Two of the peaks are officially bushwhacks but they have herd paths. Leaders have not climbed Redfield before so that is a scouting trip for them. There are several stream crossings. which hopefully will be frozen over but if not will require a change in the plan. This trip requires previous winter hiking and camping experience in cold temperatures. A minimum of 3 season backpacking experience in cold conditions is required. All participants will need snowshoes, crampons, a winter sleeping bag rated to at least -20 degrees F and have winter boots with a removable liner. No single layer or leather boots will be approved. Under other on the registration form, please list what sleeping bag and boots you have or that you need our advice on what to get. Leaders will be using mountaineering sleds and we have some spare sleds we can loan out. This program is open to older youth 15+ but they must be accompanied by a parent and have the same gear and experience requirements.

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We will meet at a restaurant along the route to the trailhead where we have cell service for breakfast. Location disclosed to the participants.

Skylight from Marcy in winter.



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I have been leading backpacking trips for the Appalachian Mountain Club and the Adirondack Mountain Club since 1975. I enjoy taking the time to look at the scenery and have a relatively slow pace. I am patient with beginners and enjoy helping them learn new skills.


Long time backpacking leader for the Adirondack and Appalachian Mountain Clubs.