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Chapter Treasurer

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The Executive Board of the Narragansett Chapter is seeking nominations for Chapter Treasurer. The ideal candidate will be well organized and an enthusiastic member of the Narragansett chapter. Selected candidates serve a two-year term (renewable) and are expected to attend all Chapter Executive Committee meetings and the Annual Meeting. These are great opportunities to coordinate and collaborate with other committee chairs. Those interested in serving as Treasurer must be a current member of the AMC, hold reasonable knowledge of how the AMC operates and the organizational structure, and be an enthusiastic promoter of our Chapter! The Treasurer is responsible for managing all aspects of the Chapter's finances and budget. They work closely with AMC staff to ensure all chapter finances are following current guidelines, best practices, and legal requirements. This position requires, on average, an hour of work each month outside the monthly Executive Board meeting. Additionally, the Treasurer participates in the annual club-wide financial audit each January which requires an additional one to two hours collectively during that period of time. Training is provided! There will be a transition period with the current Treasurer and all chapter Treasurers are invited to an annual training session held by AMC's Finance Department. The session is approximately 1-2 hours and no travel is required. Additionally, throughout the year the AMC Finance department is always available to answer questions or provide advice. Responsibilities: •Receive all funds paid to or belonging to the Chapter •Disburse funds under the direction of the Executive Board •Keep proper accounts •Report receipts and disbursements •Coordinate the annual sub-committee budgeting process •Provide guidelines that will assure a uniform proposed budget submission •Participate as a member of the Chapter Budget Review Board •Submit the approved budget and Annual Financial Report to the Club each January Preferred Qualifications/Skills: •Basic financial understanding •Ability to manage a checkbook •Basic budgeting and bookkeeping knowledge •Familiarity with Excel •Background in non-profit operations preferred but not required

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