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CANCELLED/Relocated - Winter Backpacking Paradise Lane Campsite, Salisbury

Date and Time

Saturday, February 13, 2021 10:30AM - Sunday, February 14, 2021 2:00PM


Undermountain Trail, Route 41 Salisbury, CT,
Connecticut, West of River,


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Bill has CANCELLED this trip in Salisbury and REPLACED it with a similar trip in E. Hartland on the same dates. REGISTER HERE BUT YOU MUST ALSO RSVP @ Only Meetup will have last minute updates, addtl. info. and phone app gives you directions. IF accepted AMC emails you a "Confirmation" SORRY limited # due to COVID. Please cancel your reservation on Meetup and AMC website at least 48 hours+ in advance so waitlist can attend. Rated Strenuous for advanced hikers 12+ miles fast paced with few stops. You must stay with the group. Required Equipment: H2O/snacks, phone, printed map, headlamp,coat warm enough for overnight temps, dry base layer, hiking poleS, rain gear AND everything on this list: Bring Camera. DOGS okay but you check park regs. Its Winter: Bring microspikes and snow shoes to trailhead will decide if needed just prior to the hike Camping in the snow is not for everyone.. but done right it can be fun with beautiful scenery and you should be warm and comfortable. Prior backpacking experience required. We will be 1.8 miles from the car if you have a problem. If it goes well and they lift the COVID restrictions we may plan a weekend in Maine near Gulf Hagas for a two night trip. . We will hike up to 1.8 miles to the Paradise Lane Campsite 1800'' set up camp.. dig a fire pit, gather cut fire wood and if time climb Bear. Rescheduled if we are having a snow storm that night or excessively cold EQUIPMENT LIST AND ADDTL INFO ON CT AMC MEETUP SITE

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Adults (18+)


Grew up in NH climbing/camping in the Whites starting with Mt. Washington when I was 8. Enjoyed backpacking trips to Torres Del Paine, Sequoia, Canadian Rockies, Mount Whitney and about every mountain in NE. Like to find new places or ways to hike in CT to keep it interesting and use local hikes to stay in shape for more challenging adventures. Love to introduce people to climbing, backpacking, and paddling. . Look forward to meeting new friends with the CT AMC and seeing my CHA friends.