Week of Adirondack Rivers for Canoes and Kayaks

Date and Time

Monday, July 26, 2021 - Friday, July 30, 2021


St Regis Canoe Area,
New York, Adirondacks,
NY United States


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Spend a blissful week paddling remote streams and creeks in pristine Adirondack waters by day, while base camping near a beautiful lake and sharing decades of river stories at the campfire by night! Plan to arrive and set up camp on Sunday evening. Starting Monday morning, we will explore a different river in the St Regis Canoe Area every day. Each one is different and magical in its own way, Some are lush with yellow and white water lilies and purple pickerelweed; Others are surrounded by fields of blooming goldenrod, wild roses and daisies galore. My personal favorite starts as a trickle of water that seems to disappear into a marsh of towering cattails, then peeks through to a cacophony of forget-me-knots, and finally opens to a glorious view of pines. Depart on Friday after the river run or at your leisure on Saturday morning. Bring your own camping and boating equipment. You can also rent from the club or rent privately from a local outfitter. Canoes and short kayaks are fine; No sea kayaks. Camping is at a state campground. Meals are on your own for now. If the AMC COVID rules change, then we will prepare group meals. Everyone pitches in to share chores. Paddling experience on moving water is a pre-requisite. You must be able to maneuver your canoe or kayak in narrow, twisty water with a current. You should be comfortable lifting your boat over obstacles with some assistance. The current maximum number of participants is 10, including leaders. If this changes, we will increase the size of the trip. The more the merrier! AMC COVID rules apply, which for now include no sharing of meals, food, water, utensils, etc. Bring hand sanitizer, masks, and maintain social distance.

AMC Trip Policy


Adult: $100 member / $140 non-member
*Cost is approximate. Group expenses, such as camping fees, are shared. Paddling fees are $2 for the first day and $1 for each successive day. We run the numbers and settle up at the end of the trip. Rental of club equipment is at an additional charge, $20 for the first day, and $10 for each additional day. If you rent a club boat, please be prepared to car-top it for the trip,

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Week of ADK Rivers



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