Intro to Coastal Kayaking - Safety & Rescues

Date and Time

Saturday, June 19, 2021, 9:30AM - 3:00PM


Hingham Bay,
Massachusetts, Boston Area,


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This is Part 2 of a 3-Part instructional series designed to introduce paddlers to kayaking along the ocean coast. In this session, we will focus on the safety gear every coastal paddler should have with them and how to use it. We will discuss emergency communication on the water (VHF radio, cell phone or satellite). We will practice both self-rescue (with a paddle float) and assisted rescues in the event of a capsize. You WILL get wet during this session. A wetsuit or neoprene layer is recommended and you should have a paddle jacket or windbreaker with you to prevent getting chilled. This is NOT a beginner kayaking course. This is a course for paddlers who are comfortable exploring lakes, rivers, and tidal estuaries in their kayak but would like to venture into coastal environments. The class requires participants to own or have access to a kayak 14' or longer with sealed compartments in both the bow and stern, perimeter deck lines, and a cockpit suitable for a spray deck. Participants must have a paddle, PFD, paddle float, and pump. We do not offer rentals with this class, but we can assist you in arranging rentals with one of the area outfitters. While we encourage participants to attend all 3 sessions, you are free to register for a single session if you choose. We require participants to adhere to COVID protocols while participating in this class. Masks will be required on-shore when loading and unloading and social distancing will be observed throughout the class. Participant screening is required. We will contact you after you register to make sure that this class is right for you.

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Marty's first kayak was a skin-on-frame kit he built with his Dad when he was 14. He's been paddling small boats ever since. He has been an AMC member for more years than he can remember but only recently started volunteering as a sea kayak trip leader. He holds ACA Trip Leader and ACA L2 Coastal Kayak Instructor certifications.