Map and Compass 101 (Second Session)

Date and Time

Saturday, June 19, 2021, 10:00AM - 2:00PM


Fountain Park/Wilbraham Wildlife Area,
Massachusetts, Berkshires,


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A repeat of our popular Map and Compass 101 Class by popular demand! This is a first level map and compass course to start familiarization of using a compass and map in the field for basic land navigation. Please direct questions to co-lead Jerry: Some of the items to be learned are: Establishing individual pace to help determine distance traveled. Using a magnetic compass to determine direction. Orienting a map with a magnetic compass. Using a magnetic compass to determine the direction to return to a location. Using a magnetic compass and pace to find points of interest. Finding True North using the Shadow Stick method. Finding True South using an analog watch. Establishing distance from one point to another using a compass. What you need for yourself for the class: Please be prepared with your typical hiking pack with the 10 essentials: Food and water for yourself. We will be taking a lunch break. And appropriate clothing for the weather, including rain gear if necessary. We will be outdoors in an open space, so sunscreen and hats are recommended. Please bring a baseplate or mirror compass that displays in degrees (not mills) and is for northern hemisphere use. If you do not have a compass, please advise us, and we can try to lend one for the class. You will also need a pencil.

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