Lets Explore - Foxboro/Sharon Conservation Land

Date and Time

Wednesday, September 22, 2021


Foxboro Conservation land,
Massachusetts, Southeast,


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10 - 1:30 or so. We will hike some conservation land in Foxboro and Sharon. (Canoe River Wilderness Area) This will be about 6 miles over rolling terrain thru the woods. We will also hike a boring, but short, section of high tension lines to access these woods. I was there recently and amazed at how remote it felt. Nice place to hike. Group limited to 10. A note about these walks. These hikes should be considered 'exploratory.' I will have done some research, but may not have had the opportunity to have hiked the exact route we will take. So… things occasionally might not always go perfectly. We might find some wet areas, or less than ideal trail conditions. But we will try to make the best of things and have fun. And we will all learn. If this sounds interesting… Come on along! I have never gotten lost and not made it out of the woods and back to the car… yet. Note: Boston Local Walks Committee is always looking for new Leaders and Co-Leaders to help run hikes and take us to places you know. (Or want to learn.) If you are interested in helping out, so you can learn to be a Leader, and we can all have even more hikes; just let me know. As a former SEM Chapter Education Chair, I love helping other hikers become Leaders. (And if you are helping me run my hikes, it makes it easier for me, so I can run more hikes too. A win-win-win. I get help, you get trained, and the other hikers get more hikes!) Masks: You must bring a mask. We will wear them at "circle up", so we don't have to make a huge circle, and potentially at other times as necessary depending on the Covid status. Weather: Thunderstorms will delay, cancel, or shorten trips. Ditto for extreme winds. Rain? That's why you will always bring a raincoat. We won't cancel because of rain.

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Bob is a 4 season Hike leader for the Southeastern Mass Chapter, as well as a hike leader for Boston Local Walks and a 3 Season Leader for Boston H/B.