Let's Explore - The Blue Hills, Milton

Date and Time

Saturday, October 23, 2021


Blue Hills, Milton,
Massachusetts, Boston Area,


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The Blue Hills contains, approximately, 125 miles of trails. I do know that it usually takes me 175 miles of hiking to hike them all. This hike will not make a big dent, but we will probably cover 7 to 8 miles. This will be done as two, more or less equal length, loops. So will be open to folks wanting to do a 3.5 to 4 mile hike, as well as to folks who wish to stay for the second loop to get the full 7 or 8 miles, or maybe more if we are feeling good. Late morning to mid-afternoon. Note: Boston Local Walks Committee is always looking for new Leaders and Co-Leaders to help run hikes and take us to places you know. (Or want to learn.) If you are interested in helping out, so you can learn to be a Leader, and we can all have even more hikes; just let me know. As a former SEM Chapter Education Chair, I love helping other hikers become Leaders. (And if you are helping me run my hikes, it makes it easier for me, so I can run more hikes too. A win-win-win. I get help, you get trained, and the other hikers get more hikes!) Masks: You must bring a mask. We will wear them at "circle up", so we don't have to make a huge circle, and potentially at other times as necessary depending on the Covid status. Weather: Thunderstorms will delay, cancel, or shorten trips. Ditto for extreme winds. Rain? That's why you will always bring a raincoat. We won't cancel because of rain.

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Bob is a 4 season Hike leader for the Southeastern Mass Chapter, as well as a hike leader for Boston Local Walks and a 3 Season Leader for Boston H/B.