West Side Glade

Date and Time

Saturday, March 9, 2024


Bartlett, NH,
New Hampshire, White Mountains,
NH United States


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This sweet little glade hasn't been around long, but it is a gem! While adult skiers could easily squeeze in some quick lunch laps, this is truly a perfect backcountry setting for families. The ascent is mellow and relatively short assuring that the kids don't have to wait too long for the "fun part". The routes are intermediate glade runs and can be taken half way down to intersect the ascent trail or return you to the base. The pace will be relaxed and involve breaks for play and snacks. A great experience for children just getting into the backcountry experience. My husband and I will be headed out with our 8yo on telemark skis and towing our 4yo on an alpine set up. My co-leader Emilie will also be sporting telemark skis and skins and will likely be joined by her crew. We are here to support families new to the backcountry, so don't hesitate to join us if you know how to ski, but have never been in the backcountry before. Borrow or rent a pair of alpine ski converters for ascending and come join us! To see if this trip is right for you and your crew please contact me directly at [email protected] with the following info: who is in your crew, what is your level of skiing ability, what is the last backcountry experience you had, what is your uphill fitness/pace, what kind of gear are you using If we feel the trip is a good fit for you we'll approve you in the system and then email you with details about meet up time, weather, known trail conditions and a packing list as the ski date approaches. Also, please let me know if you have any questions. Sarah

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New Hampshire






NH chapter ski leader. Backcountry skier and mom of 2 shredders. We get after it when we can, ski hard and try to leave with smiles. I encourage all the snacks.


Seasoned NH chapter backcountry ski leader.