LUBEC / CAMPOBELLO ISLAND BICYCLE GETAWAY - Maine & Worcester Chapters Joint Trip

Date and Time

Friday, May 24, 2024 - Monday, May 27, 2024


New Brunswick, Canada & Lubec, Maine,
Maine, Downeast and Acadia,


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This is a "Fixed Center" joint cycle tour with Jeanine Libby from the Maine Chapter and Denny LaForce from the Worcester Chapter. We plan to cycle and hike just east of the easternmost town in the Continental United States of Lubec, Maine. We will camp in Herring Cove Provincial Park on Campobello Island, New Brunswick, Canada. While the Island is in Canada, before crossing the bridge you have to go through the U.S. boarder crossing; therefore, passports are required. This is as far "Down East" as you can possibly go! Both Lubec and the island have carriage roads to explore by bicycle, hiking trails to explore by foot, high tides along the Bay of Fundy, oceanfront views of cliff lined shores with lighthouses and open beaches to walk along. On the US side, there's scenic, little traveled Route 1 winding around Cobscook Bay and west along the ocean's shore. We can park our cars in the campground for 4 days or use a combination of self propelled and motor driven transportation to broaden our reach. Calais is 40 miles north and Bar Harbor 90 miles west. While organized rides and hikes will be offered, you have the option of striking off by yourself or "to do little to nothing" for a few days in and around the campground. A touring bike or a hybrid bike with wide dirt tires will be needed for travel over carriage roads, hiking shoes and day pack for the trails, and warm clothes and rain gear for the damp cool Down East weather. We will be staying in 4 bed small co-ed cabins unless you prefer tenting. A supermarket and restaurants are close by but we suggest you bring extra food. Not sure if they will be open due to it being so early in the season. Reservation will be confirmed once payment is received, and the refund will only be returned if the canceled spot can be filled. Link to Herring Cove Provincial Park: Link to Cobscook Shores:

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Adult: $75 member / $75 non-member
*Fee includes a bunk for three nights in a small rustic co-ed cabin. Healthy snacks will be provided.




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