Family Adventures in Thailand: Culture, Jungles, Islands and Elephants (2531)

Date and Time

Sunday, July 13, 2025 - Saturday, July 26, 2025


Bangkok, Thailand,


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Prepare to be captivated by the wonders of Thailand on this multi-sport adventure family vacation. Our journey begins in the vibrant metropolis of Bangkok, where we'll dive headfirst into the city's rich cultural tapestry. Immerse yourself in the bustling energy of the city with a captivating city cultural tour. Explore iconic landmarks such as the majestic Grand Palace and the revered Temple of the Emerald Buddha. Wander through the labyrinthine streets of the world's largest Chinatown, where centuries of history and tradition collide. Indulge your senses in the vibrant chaos of the local food markets, sampling exotic flavors and aromatic spices. Travel like a local aboard a Tuk Tuk, and on foot, as we uncover the hidden gems of Bangkok's streets. On day two, set sail on the Chao Phraya River, meandering through Bangkok's picturesque river markets. Experience the rhythm of life along the riverbanks as we pass by bustling market traders and colorful produce stalls. In the evening, embark on a mesmerizing Saffron Cruise along the River of Kings, savoring delicious Thai cuisine amidst breathtaking city views. Day three whisks us away to the cultural hub of Chiang Mai, where we'll embark on a guided hike through lush forests to the serene Wat Pha Lat Monastery. Lose yourself in the tranquility of nature as we trek through verdant landscapes, discovering hidden temples nestled amidst the greenery. Days five and six promise unforgettable encounters with Thailand's gentle giants at the Chiang Mai Elephant Sanctuary. Witness the awe-inspiring beauty of these majestic creatures as we observe them roaming freely in their natural habitat. We'll soar to the tropical paradise of Krabi on day seven, where turquoise waters and pristine beaches beckon. Dive into the crystal-clear sea for exhilarating snorkeling and kayaking adventures, exploring the vibrant marine life that thrives beneath the waves. Day eight sees us setting sail for the idyllic Andaman Sea Islands, where we'll spend a day snorkeling, swimming, and hiking amidst breathtaking island scenery. On day nine, lace up your hiking boots for a challenging trek along the Dragon's Crest (Ngon Nen Hike), offering panoramic views of the Krabi coastline. Later, tantalize your taste buds with a hands-on Thai cooking course, mastering the art of traditional Thai cuisine. Our adventure culminates in Phuket on days 10 and 11, where we'll navigate the jungle waters of Khao Lak on a gentle bamboo rafting tour and have a free day to explore or relax. We will return to Bangkok on day 12 and stay at a hotel close to the airport before heading home.

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